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Painting and Mixed Media

Alice Lenkiewicz was founded in 1998 under the business title, HerOtherWorld. This site provides information about my practice, past and present projects and works for sale.


Art Practice

My work reflects my interest in memory, the esoteric and spirituality. Working across acrylic and mixed media and textiles my work is characterised by experimentation with portraiture, symbols and pattern while interpreting memories and people of my past and present.

My experience with traditional bookbinding and poetry, combined with my travels to other cultures has inspired my interest in folk art and craft traditions along with the beauty of art in churches and sacred texts, illuminated manuscripts and fairytales. I use techniques such as painting, appliqué and embroidery within my  art to provide a richer narrative and visual contrast as well as to come closer to the original medium to the works that have inspired me. 

My art is dreamlike and focuses on change and transformation in my own life and how I perceive that change in others. I work on themes, gathering imagery and references from memory and past traditions, juxtaposing  areas of my work, playing with and dissolving these barriers of conventional time, creating an ambiguous dialogue between past and present experience.

Placing these figures close to each other, almost like a collage or sometimes a montage, brings me closer to the primitive context of my work, similar to ancient art that paid more attention to interpreting an idea through symbols, expression, colour, texture and scale rather then representational accuracy. Sometimes these figures and backgrounds are dream like and  abstracted.

Outlets for my art include site specific work, gallery exhibitions and book illustration. My work is composed on canvas, as wall hangings and alternative media such as cloth and papier-mâché.

I refer to my work as tapestries.

Other works that I create display imaginary portraits of people in dream - like landscapes with flora and wildlife gazing out through time and space,, suspended in their own haunting and timeless surroundings.. There is a sense of transience about these works, giving them an other worldly feel.




Autumn flowers

Quiet Nature is a prime example of my inspiration to create calming, gentle paintings in neutral colours, focusing on peaceful and mindful imagery. These paintings are ideal for interiors and gifts. They are paintings for reflection and to provide something unique and soothing to a room. 


Observing From Afar

These works are about discovering who I am as an artist. I engage closely with themes and ideas, becoming involved with research for these projects. This helps me think deeper into my working process. These works are primarily conceptual works that involve enquiry, research and reflection.


A Series

My abstract works engage with colour and texture, observing rhythms and harmonies within the process of creating these works. I am interested in the immediacy of creation and the effects of using colour and texture while also observing the balance of when I feel a piece is finished or needs further work. My aim is to create a harmony and composition of colour and texture in response to the medium I am using. I use colour as my starting point to initiate the final outcome of my work. 


Woman and Crow

My surrealist works juxtapose people, objects, wildlife, nature and places to create a colourful strange and esoteric world. 



Solo Exhibitions

-2018 - INSPIRED BY NATURE- Mixed media - The Bear Steps Gallery - Shrewsbury.

-2014- BEAUTY- Bistro One- Ebrington Street - Plymouth.Selected paintings.

-2012- JOURNEY OF THE BRIDE-  Drawings -  Blackburn House, Liverpool.
-2010- Liverpool Cathedral - NOBLE WOMEN - Lady Chapel.Solo show - paintings.

-2009- GIN LANE - Dot art- Liverpool. Solo show - Paintings.
- 2009- CONTINUITIES - Lauries Centre Wirral. Photography.

-1991-  Pied Cow Coffeehouse, Portland, Oregon. USA. Solo show - Paintings.

-1995-  Museum of Oxford: Oxford Visual Arts Week. Solo show - Paintings and Drawings. 

-1988- HORIZONS- Oxford Old Fire Station Arts Centre. Solo show - Paintings.

Group Exhibirions 
- 2018 - Walk the Sacred Way -City is a School - Liverpool Biennial.Performance and installation.
- 2017- Hornshaw Gallery - GENIUS IN BEAuTY. A & D Gallery, Marylebone.

- 2017- Liverpool Mental Health Festival - RESPECT -Constellations.

-2016- Hornshaw Gallery- LOOKING TO THE STARS - Brick Lane Gallery.

- 2015- LOOK/ 15 - Liverpool Photogrpahy Festival.

- 2015- GOOD FIGURES- TINT- ART- Mall Galleries- London. 

- 2014- RETROSPECTIVE- The Art Gallery - Bootle.

- 2014- FUTURE VISIONS- Threshold Festival. Digital Art.

2013- Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham. Selected paintings.

-2012-  DEBUT Contemporary- Kensington, London. JUICY JUNE.Digital art.

- 2011- I-SHO/ I's She's Her's Our's 73 WOMEN-  Stoke Newington.Selected paintings.

-2009- SHOWCASE - London- Cafe 1001- Brick Lane. Selected paintings. 

-2009- The Garage Presents, INSIDER OUTSIDER - San Diego Ca. 9, USA. Selected paintings. 

-2009- HOW WE WORK- A feminist art exhibition by 13 Liverpool women -  Bllackburn House, Liverpool. Selected paintings.

-2009- LANDFILL Art Exhibition, Maghull. Selected paintings. 

- 2008 - Red Dot and Novas Arts- MIGRATION- exhibition. C.U.C.Selected paintings.

-2008- DRAWN HERE- Exhibition. Arena Studios, Liverpool.Selected drawings.

-2008- Red Dot.
HEARTS And MINDS Liverpool Academy of Arts. 
2008- THE WORLD IN ONE CITY- Headspace@Eggspace.Poster design.

- 2002- LADIES ONLY- Liverpool Biennial- Creative Letts Exhibition: Blundell Street - Assembkage, Sculpture.

- 1989- Brighton Pavilion, Gallery. Bookbindings. 

Art Fairs
- 2018- Liverpool Art Fair -
- 2018- Magic of Shadow and Light-
- 2014- Liverpool Art Fair -
- 2012- Cheshire Art Fair.
- 2012- Parallax Art Fair - Chelsea.
- 2013-  Edinburgh Art Fair-
- 2012-  New Artist Fair- London

-2009- Fact- Artist's talks- Standing Out As an Artist- Dot-art

- 2018- Performer for ‘‘Signature Sculptural Facial’- Liverpool Biennial.

-2009- Neon Highway presents CRUNCH- Poetry Readings from The Fifth Floor. Tate Liverpool.
-2006- Walker Art Gallery- Poetry- Capital of Culture.
-2006- 33/45 Club- Liverpool- Poetry.
-2003- Rose Theatre- Edge Hill University. Poetry.
-2008- The Bluecoat- Women’s Poetry Reading.
- 2008- Manchester - North West Writers.

Site Specific Art
- 2018- Environmental Trail- Rimrose Valley. Goddess Environmental Art Trail.
- 1989- Maize Gallery: Berlin Wall Mural Project-  Brighton.

University Exhibitions
-2012- Exhibition Group show Vice Chancellor's Lodge, Liverpool.
-2010- RECOLLECTIONS-  125th Anniversay- Edge Hill University.Selected paintings.

Charity Exhibitions
-2012- TOMS One for One Art of Giving Tour.Designed shoes.
- 2013- Art in the City. Wall to Wall Gallery, Princes Trust Auction.

Exhibitions I have curated
-2008- IN AN IDEAL WORLD- St Brides- Independents Biennial- Sponsored by Liverpool Housing Trust.

-2012-  Love or Nothing.The Florrie.

-2010- Voice and Visibility- Toxteth Town Hall Voice and Visibility

1990: Brighton Festival. Zap Club installation. 

2011: Edge Hill University. Paintings (Gifts)

Men Hate Blondes
My Father

Professional organisations
Member of The Castlefield Gallery- 
Represented by The Hornshaw Gallery.
Member of The Embroiders Guild



My Inspiration



My large scale works are painted on cloth and are a combination of painting and mixed media, usually stitching, embroidery and appliqué.
These works offer me a chance to create works on a very large scale and to be free with my brush and method of expression. This is an opportunity for me to work towards themes and link the scale of my work to these ideas.
At present I am working on a self portrait and this painting is very much a celebration of inspirations, my interest in mythology, Religion, Popular Culture and Poetry. 
I have linked the idea of change with the human body and brought the theme of metamorphosis into this work. This piece is about nature as being linked to the body  and how we change with it. 
I have painted myself in a number of periods of my life, through time and have combined this with memories of relationships and change and the idea of people being like trees, growing and transforming. I have linked poetry by Shelley to this work using embroidery and paint to display his words throughout my painting. I find his language is very transient and allows for an openness of interpretation. 
There is a sense of medieval tapestry about these works. I am exploring a  story using figures, language and symbols, at the same time enjoying surface texture, colour and the idea that this work is hung as a wall hanging rather than a fixed canvas. 


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Alice Lenkiewicz today.

Liverpool UK


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